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Communicating is not as easy as it may seem...

Broken Contact


Broken Contacts was created by TBD Games, a team of 6 people, in 2 weeks for an experimental game design class using Unity 2019.1.5f1. It was created as a response to a prompt the team chose for ourselves: "Where is joy in the world?" After doing research on the topic, we decided to make a game demonstrating the difference between static and dynamic communication by creating a game that forced players to communicate through their choice of instant messaging (texting, discord, etc.) to demonstrate the importance of direct human interaction. The game has two teams of two players, where one player tries to guide their teammate through a labyrinth while the other player tries to interpret the first player's clues and report their movements through the maze.

The title image for Broken Contact

One the sixteen rooms in the labyrinth. Each room has four corridors with a fire in the middle

Player 2 scores a point, as seen by the key on the bottom right corner. Player 1's points would appear on the bottom left

The current player chooses to stop their movement early in exchange for knowing which room they are in

The victory screen, displaying which player was victorious

Compass buttons_edited.jpg
Rules button_edited.jpg
Map Button_edited.jpg
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