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The end of the world begins in a coffee shop...



Cafeclysm was a game created in Unity 2018.2.1f1 by a team of 4 people in 2 weeks as a response to the prompt "The end of the world begins in a coffee shop" The game focuses on the barista of a small coffee shop talking to writers given the same prompt. As the writers explain their interpretation of the prompt, the imaginative barista imagines the end of the world scenario, forcing the player to continue delivering coffee even as the world ends around them.

Starting screen

The coffee shop, with customers eagerly awaiting their orders

The zombie apocalypse occurring as the player tries to bring the customer their hot chocolate

A customer ordering a new drink

The player avoiding lava as they bring the customer their iced mocha

The player trying to avoid being abducted by aliens as they deliver black coffee to the customer

The main character embracing their imagination as they leave their job

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