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Become your enemies to defeat your enemies

Project Echo


Project Echo was created with a group of 5 people for a class focusing on game development, built in Unity 2018.2.1f1. In the game, you take control of a hacker playing an online shooter who has the ability to take control of other characters within the game, stealing their abilities and weapons. My roles focused on player interaction, enemy ability design and implementation, level layout/construction, animation implementation, camera movement, and fine tuning.

Project Echo starting screen

The first moment in the game where the player is in control

The player in "Possess Mode", searching for a target to possess

The player being prompted to enter "Possess Mode"

The Hunter character, with the highest speed and fire rate and the ability to dodge quickly and fire a rapid barrage of bullets

The base character, with no special abilities or features

The Heavy character, with the most health, a shotgun, the ability to use a shield to block bullets, and the ability to charge down opponents

The Sniper character, with the ability to slow down time, jump higher than all other characters, and deal incredible damage

The final room in Level 1 (with a few enemies cleared out)

The Heavy using his shield to block the Sniper's deadly shots

The player facing down the Banhammer, the final boss trying to remove you from the server

The elevator leading out of Level 1

The end screen, showing the player's time

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