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You have one goal: get out!

Red Circle


Red Circle is a game created for an introduction to programming course using Unity 2017.1.0f3, then updated to 2019.1.5f1. Red Circle was made for an assignment where we as the programmer had to create a game using two randomly selected verbs: in this case "burst" and "escape". The goal of the game is to guide the titular Red Circle out of his prison using just his ability to propel himself, the aid of a friend, and a blaster.

Red Circle learning the basics of his own powers

Fire and lava rising, forcing Red Circle to double his escape efforts

Red Circle working with his only ally to escape

The magic blaster, an ancient weapon only Red Circle could wield properly

An example of the obstacles Red Circle must face to escape

The final door between Red Circle and freedom...

Red Circle is confronted by his ally...

Red Circle finally breaks free!

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