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The final journey for an old sailor

Swan Song


Swan Song was created by TBD Games, a team of 6 people, in 2 weeks for an experimental game design class. The game was created in Unity 2019.1.5f1, with models being created in Maya. The game focuses on the main character, a lonely captain on board a ship that used to have a full crew that have since moved on. The game progresses through the captain's imaginary dialogue with random objects found on the ship that he associates with his former comrades. The game explores isolation and loss, as well as what happens to our sense of identity when we are separated from society.

The player being prompted to name their character

The night sky revealing the nearby island

The player descending the mast

The player fishing off the boat

The player naming the wheel

A fish caught by the player

The player talking to the wheel

The player talking to the supply crates

The player talking to the front of the boat

The player talking to the crow's nest

The player talking to the anchor rope

The player character experiencing a memory with their crew

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